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First snow, splitlines, snowboarding, anticipation

Leaves are falling and weather is getting colder. New teasers and snowboard flicks are dropping on a constant pace. The itch for snowboarding is growing. I am searching closets and boxes for beanies and gloves. I am feeling exited to set up a board.  Boots will feel stiff for few days that’s for sure. Legs will ache. Everything will feel new again. Will the touch for riding still be there?

It is not going to be long now until the first white flakes will fall. Signs are in the air. Anticipation is getting stronger by the day. Let winter come. I can’t wait.

Check out Attack&Approach new teaser. But beware it will only make the itch worse. Second season for Antti Autti’s two year project is starting. I am stoked and eager to film again with good friends and great crew. Follow the progress of the project at Anttisworld



It’s also good to glimpse backwards and remember what happened last season. Good memories rise up. This short POVcam clip was one of them. Last ride of the season in mid May, somewhere in Lyngen, Norway.


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