Conditions dictate the plans part 1.

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pic: David Birri

photo by David Birri


We had thought of a mountain hut mission somewhere in the Alps for years. It is nice pull back from the crowds completely every once in a while and let just the surrounding mountains and snow sink in. There is lots of these mountain huts located all over the Alps. We made a plan, even before the snow started to fall this season, to find one with good riding close by.

Snow fell very locally in Europe this season; some places barely had any and the next valley could have had tons. The storms seemed to be coming in from the south so we narrowed our search to the southern mountain valleys. Sten Smola knew some huts that fit into our plans,  promised to help us out and even join us on our mission. We set our eyes on the southern parts of Swiss Alps and decided to do a last minute call between few options once we saw the conditions and the forecasts. Everything looked promising when we flew in to Zurich and made our way down to meet up with Sten. But then suddenly the forecast changed completely. Fair weather turned into heavy snow and shifting temperatures. Nobody wants to be in the middle of the mountains in a storm so we had to retreat into the end of Engadin valley to wait it out.

Fortunatelly Sten also knew some treeruns which were supposed to be untouched by the crowds. We wanted to escape the crowds originally so at least that was following the plan. We had no idea that in those woods we found a snowy paradise.

As the days passed we learned that it was useless for us to make any plans. Conditions and nature were making the calls and we had no choice but to follow which was awesome!


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