Conditions dictate the plans part 2.

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014_9960_engadin_bydavidbirriFilmer David Doom getting slowly buried by the snowfall. Photo David Birri


As the days got fewer the snow fall only grew thicker. It soon became obvious that we had no change of getting into any mountain hut. They were probably already buried by now. And even if we did manage to find a hut and dig it out, only thing we could do is just sit in it since the avalache danger was so high. We were having hard time hiking even in the trees with this much snow. I could only imagine that the waist deep hiking would turn into swimming above the trees.  The dreamy alpine lines were better to be left alone this time. The conditions forced us to stay in the trees and ride belly deep powder and pillow lines all day long, day after day. What a bummer?!!

At first we really were bummed that we had to turn down our original plan. We were so fixated on the hut mission that we almost didn’t realize what was going on around us. The snow records were breaking daily in the valley. They had never measured such depths since 50 years when they  had started. And even if we have ridden deep pow before this was truly something different. I said it in Japan this year that it was the deepest powder day of my life there but now I had to correct that again. I never thought the Alps could top Japan in powder depth but it was happening right here, right now. We soon let go of our plans and decided just to enjoy the moment and the incredible snow. A saying “When the mountains are telling you something you better listen” applies again. Lesson revised. Otherwise you might miss out on all the fun.

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