I am Miikka Hast, a professional snowboarder from northern Finland. My home is at the Arctic Circle in a smallish city; Rovaniemi. Hills and icy parks defined my snowboarding for years and from there I made my way to the competitive freestyle snowboarding and filming. Parks and icy hard landings are fun but as I got to see more of the surrounding mountain environment I started to understand the lure of powder and lines. I drifted away from the contests and started to explore and learn the ways of the backcountry. I found my passion for snowboarding again in the nature, mountains and freeriding.

pic: Rami Hanafi

pic: Rami Hanafi

Now I try to ride in the best possible conditions and always looking for the new terrain, more remote the better. I really got into splitboarding and using muscle power more and more to get to where I want to ride. For me it’s the most immersive way to enjoy the mountains. The more I learn about the mountains the more I discover that I am actually only scratching the surface… and scratching always feels good.

Age: 33

Snowboarding since: early 90′

Home: Rovaniemi, Finland.

Home mountains: Scandinavian “Alps”

Moment: winning your fear

Motto : “if you don’t go, you don’t know”

Other interests: surfing, skateboarding, outdoors, tennis, climbing, camping, music, yoga, good food and drink, cooking, reading, studying and time shared with friends.

Here’s a short introduction of me and one of the projects: STORIES FROM HERE TO THERE


pic. Rami Hanafi

pic. Rami Hanafi



switch backside 5, Stuben, Austria 2012. pic. Carlos Blanchard
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