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Second week of May, 2013

Spring is warming up the northern world again and snow starts to melt back to water. Powder starts to be more rare but the surf dreams wake up as the H2O changes state. Storm cycle passed through the northern mountains and coastline with strong winds. Mountains were not really accessible nor tempting  but strong winds create different kind possiblities – waves. I checked swell forecasts for the islands close by and it showed some possible bumps in the ocean so we decided to go island hopping and hopefully surfing.

Mountain islands


Norwegian coastline follows the scenic trend best out of the whole the counry – it’s annoyingly beautiful for a neighbourg living in the flat inland parts of the North. The coastline is very broken and full of mountain islands raising more than kilometer high straigth from the crystal clear ocean. The sea looks amazing from the mountains and visa versa. Along the coast ocean reaches far inland with long fjords cutting water passages into the mountain scenery. It’s simply mesmerizing – when the weather is tolerable… and that’s not everyday in Norway.

Lofoten3 (1 of 1)

Fjord sunset last August


Last summers trip to the islands

Henningsvaer in Lofoten

The weather is very variable in the coast and can be extremely harsh. In these latitudes the temperatures are rarely on the warm side which is good for the winter activities but hanging out with a surfboard next to the cold sea with freezing temperatures requires… some dedication and proper preparing. Lot of the days are so nasty that even the dogs like to stay in but I mostly try to fool myslef with a frase: “there is no bad weather… only bad choise of equipment”. But when skies do open up and the conditions come together the islands are unbeatable. On a perfect day you can ride powder on great mountains all the way to the shore and surf after. I don’t think there is many places in the world like that.

After driving around I found a couloir that fell straight in to the sea and a wave close by and  managed to surf and snowboard same day! One dream came true that “spring” day but I still have to keep waiting for the perfect day on the islands. It was windy like never before and the couloir didn’t bring enough shelter so I had to turn back little before the top so I wouldn’t fly away. It was snowing time to time and waves were small but really fun. Even if the conditions we not perfect I had the best time and discoverd the potential that I have been looking for years. The scenery was unbelievable and the nature was strongly present; seals were checking the surf out and eagles were cruising above. I couldn’t stop smiling with my blue lips.

SurfNorway (2 of 2)

Waves didn’t mind the weather so why should I?


Green waves in the middle of the mountains

Green waves in the middle of the mountains


ride to the sea (1 of 1)

couloir straight to the ocean

There is so much potential on the islands for surfing and snowboarding but the exploration and finding the right spots takes time and dedication. There are few spots on the map but there has to be so much undiscovered gems on the islands. Mountains are more visible but the waves do not show themselves easily. And also the roads don’t go nearly everywhere so the access to shores is not easy. But who ever said that easy was rewarding?

The storm passed and the wind calmed down. Surf went flat and waves disappeared in to hiding again. Snow was not so good anymore this late in the season on the islands so we decided to return back to bigger mountains. Maybe the storm brought some new snow to higher altitudes since it was snowing in the coast too.






Surf is not up

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nica-niko (10 of 10)

Last summers trip to Nicaragua. Good times. Now my H20 is in a different form. Surf stories will follow when the snow melts. Pic: Niko Soikkeli

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kaamos (1 of 1)

-Kaamos moon from top of Blåbaertinden in Tamok. Kaamos is the time in the north when the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon. Moon still lurks around though. Extremely dark and cold but beautiful moments.

Coming out of flat Finland means that I have always had to travel for the mountains and deep snow and for waves in the summer time. This has positive and negative sides to it. I have not grown in the mountains and have had to learn the ways and the rules of the mountain environment in the later age. This has been challenging and unnatural but at the same time an intriguing journey which has taken me around the world to places I, as a kid out of Finland, never could have imagined. It has given me a personal perception of things a long the way. The process of learning is addicting and annoying. As soon as I figure something new out I see that new knowledge just opens more doors and questions. Little frustrating and highly addictive.

Tamok_06042011_photoTeemuLahtinen 41

-Just around the corner hip session in Tamok. Different time of the year different orb. Sun in the method arch. Photo: Teemu Lahtinen

Through traveling with a snowboard bag I discovered and realized many things that have made me the person I am today. Experiences I got a long the way made me see the world differently and in a constantly changing way. Perceptions on board is about how I experience and perceive things through traveling with and moving on a board. It’s the indescribable feeling of sliding sideways that keeps me on the move. Looking at things little sideways is sometimes crooked but for me everything just feels little better that way. Through those experiences rises thoughts and perceptions that I want to share here. It is a scrapbook for me and hopefully some inspiration and useful knowledge to you. Welcome.


One of my this years projects also begins now. STORIES FROM HERE TO THERE -project starts at home and gives a good introduction.
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