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kaamos (1 of 1)

-Kaamos moon from top of Blåbaertinden in Tamok. Kaamos is the time in the north when the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon. Moon still lurks around though. Extremely dark and cold but beautiful moments.

Coming out of flat Finland means that I have always had to travel for the mountains and deep snow and for waves in the summer time. This has positive and negative sides to it. I have not grown in the mountains and have had to learn the ways and the rules of the mountain environment in the later age. This has been challenging and unnatural but at the same time an intriguing journey which has taken me around the world to places I, as a kid out of Finland, never could have imagined. It has given me a personal perception of things a long the way. The process of learning is addicting and annoying. As soon as I figure something new out I see that new knowledge just opens more doors and questions. Little frustrating and highly addictive.

Tamok_06042011_photoTeemuLahtinen 41

-Just around the corner hip session in Tamok. Different time of the year different orb. Sun in the method arch. Photo: Teemu Lahtinen

Through traveling with a snowboard bag I discovered and realized many things that have made me the person I am today. Experiences I got a long the way made me see the world differently and in a constantly changing way. Perceptions on board is about how I experience and perceive things through traveling with and moving on a board. It’s the indescribable feeling of sliding sideways that keeps me on the move. Looking at things little sideways is sometimes crooked but for me everything just feels little better that way. Through those experiences rises thoughts and perceptions that I want to share here. It is a scrapbook for me and hopefully some inspiration and useful knowledge to you. Welcome.


One of my this years projects also begins now. STORIES FROM HERE TO THERE -project starts at home and gives a good introduction.


  1. Comrade Wehrmacht Max says:

    Rovaniemi… The fairy world… Absolutely wonderful… Greetings from Rome

  2. Comrade Wehrmacht Max says:

    P.s.i love Kaamos,much than midnight sun,maybe because i love Depeche Mode and dark music..ahahah

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